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Airline-in-a-box is a unique service from Cardiff Aviation that makes it easy to establish airlines across the world with minimal risk.

Cardiff Aviation provides everything a business or country needs to create a fully-fledged EASA-class airline without exposing itself to the risks and costs associated with traditional ACMI. Any business can simply develop pick a name and sell tickets, and Cardiff Aviation takes care of all other aspects of the operation.

Our unique blend of MRO, training and leasing facilities mean we can offer a flexible approach to sourcing aircraft, training, maintenance and regulatory support and amending services required as market conditions change. All operations are conducted under our EASA AOC, giving complete peace of mind on compliance, safety and oversight requirements.

The concept is particularly suited for countries which want to set up a world-class airline with European standards but lack the infrastructure or local expertise to do so. Cardiff Aviation handles whichever aspects of set-up are required, but crucially also provides consultancy that will allow the provider to operate independently in the future, if desired.

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