wings-alliance-300x144Cardiff Aviation is a founder member of Wings Alliance, the trade association of the leading modular pilot training schools in the UK and Europe and the smarter route to employment as a commercial pilot

Wings Alliance offers a flexible, cost-effective route to qualifying as a commercial pilot at a fraction of the cost of the traditional integrated route. Would-be pilots can receive training at times and locations which suit their lifestyle, current employment and budget, with costs typically estimated to be between £45,000 and £65,000, which can be paid in instalments, rather than the more typical £100,000 upfront cost associated with integrated training.

Quality of training is guaranteed thanks to Cardiff Aviation’s Multi-Crew Co-operation (MCC) course, which all Wings Alliance trainees must complete.

Trainees can select the groundschool of their choice to train for ATPL examination. On completion, they can then select a flight school for their Commercial Pilots’ Licence (CPL) course, Multi-Engine Piston (MEP) class rating course, and their Instrument Rating (IR) course.

All training records are stored a single, Wings Alliance training record that can be transferred between member schools.

Once initial training is complete, would-be pilots then complete an Airline Ready Course (ARC) which consists of ground training at Clevedon, followed by a nine-day, 36-hour simulator course at Cardiff Aviation, using our 747-400 simulators.

On completion of this course at Cardiff Aviation, pilots will receive their MCC certificate, meaning they are properly prepared for their multi-crew type rating and line training with an airline.